What's This Course All About?

This introductory course is an overview of the essentials you need to know about herbalism in order to start confidently incorporating herbs into your life (including stuff you didn't know that you didn't know)!

Includes 10 Video Power Point Presentations

You'll receive over FOUR hours of video instruction on how to select and use herbs SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY for different conditions or overall health, what herbs can do, how to create blended formulas correctly, and how to save money & prepare herbal remedies correctly (i.e. how to choose solvents and calculate preparation ratios & final dosages). Note: The "Lite" version does not include the printables available in the full course.



Mary Wingate

This is a highly informative basis for herbalism that offers a clear view through the keyhole into the vast and impressive world of herbs, their importance, usage, and all they have to offer. This course hints at the simplicity as well as the complexity of herbs and the role they play in everyday lives to maintain or restore balance the way nature intended. It truly is just a wondrous tip of the iceberg as to the invaluable benefits herbs provide.

About the Instructor

Tiffany Davies, B.Sc., Professional Herbalist

Hi! I'm Tiffany Davies, a mom of three and avid nature lover! I've been studying herbal medicine for over 27 years. It's been a passion and calling that has followed me since I was 14 years old! Perhaps it's because of my Cherokee ancestors, but I have always been drawn to the magical world of plants and love sharing its amazing gifts and powerful healing abilities with others! I hold degrees in Cellular & Molecular Biology & Health Science. I have also studied with 6 herbal "elder" mentors, many of which are co-founders or affiliates with the American Herbalist's Guild. In addition to the courses I teach to kids, teens and adults, I also operate a clinical herbalism practice and retail apothecary in Reading, PA. If you're passing through the area, stop by sometime-I'd love to take you on an herb garden tour! My dream is to reinstate the at-home apothecary and restore lost herbal wisdom into mainstream society once again. Through my classes, I hope to empower others as to how they can use the healing power of nature and the innate healing ability within themselves to achieve and maintain a healthy, active, prosperous lifestyle. In particular, I think it's essential to foster a connection to nature and an appreciation for all its healing gifts into our young ones as they grow because they are the care-takers we will leave this world to. May all your circles spin in harmony, and "Let the Healing Journey Begin!" Tiffany

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