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Since 2000, our mission has been to help you create a healthy environment through the services we provide, the products we bring to you, and the information and consultations we provide.

Great care is invested in everything we supply because we believe we have a responsibility to be part of the solution, for you and our planet. We strive for and guarantee your satisfaction.

We've been using safe, effective, eco-friendly cleaning products since 2000

We use powerful, natural, biodegradable supplies to deliver quality cleaning services without the use of hazardous chemicals!

Because It's Time For a Change

Did you know, indoor air is often more polluted than most outdoor air, and some of the main contributors are the cleaning products we use. And here we thought we were doing a good thing! Dangerous chemicals seem to be unknowingly woven into every fiber of our lives!


A large percentage of our population may be ill, or not experiencing the health they could be, because their bodies have become bogged down with a myriad of synthetic, debilitating chemicals. They can cause unfavorable sensitivities, allergic reactions and a variety of other symptoms. Research has shown many of these ingredients to be carcinogens and/or cardiovascular, skin, gastrointestinal, kidney and respiratory intoxicants, among other things. 


They have been proven to cause birth defects, neurological problems, migraines, dizziness, endocrine disruptions and energy depletion.


In addition to harming our health, many of these products are petroleum based. They are using up non-renewable resources and wreaking havoc in the lives of many families and our eco-system.


However, there are other options available and we pledge to bring them to you! Most of the alternative cleaners available have ingredients that are derived from natural, renewable, agricultural resources, such as grapefruit seed, orange peel and lime peel extracts, soy, mint, essential oils. 


Some cleaners work due to live enzyme factors that digest organic matter and mineral deposits. These are the types of products we utilize and provide. With all the new, “green” products now popping up in stores, we still suggest it’s important to read labels. Some of them are not as natural and safe as their advertising leads you to believe.


With alternatives available, there is no need to subject ourselves, our family, our pets, our employees and our co-workers to all these unpleasant products that can have such a devastating impact on our health and our environment. Don’t leave behind something worse than the dirt you are cleaning away. If we take care of our air, our bodies and our world, they will take care of us.


We believe we can make a difference in the quality of health for you, your home and office, employees and our environment.


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