The Epitome of Childhood Enchantment!

Join us monthly as we explore our Herbal Allies! Each installment is designed to introduce children to the magical world of kid-friendly herbs and nourish their inquisitive curiosity for nature by immersing them in a wide variety of hands-on activities that involves all their senses!

The First Month

The initial kit includes TWO curriculums in one: "The Introduction to Herbalism Chapter" covers all the need to know info on what herbalism is, what they can do with herbs, safety considerations, giving thanks to our herbal friends, and more! The next chapter, "Meet Your Herbal Ally: Lemon Balm!" is the first installment in our "Getting to Know Your Herbal Allies" series for kids. In this chapter, they'll begin applying the concepts they learned in the previous chapter as they work closely with their first "Herbal Ally." They'll be learning all about it, tasting it, making a glycerin extract from it, and starting their very own herb garden with its seeds!

Each Subsequent Month

Continue the enchantment into the magical world of herbs with a different kid-friendly herb, natural remedy, and seed-starter kit each month! Each additional course includes all the same type of downloadable materials, videos and hands-on activities they completed in the first kit! They'll follow along with the new videos and presentations to nurture their connection to these new Herbal Allies using the Materia Medica Sheet Coloring Pages, workbook add-ons, puzzles, herb samples to smell and taste it, supplies to make a natural remedy from it (we cycle through different types of natural remedies & crafts), and seeds to expand their herb garden! Cancel at any time.

A Note to Parents & Teachers

Parents and teachers receive instructional materials to help them guide their children through the curriculum. Instructors do not have to have any previous herbalism experience... All they have to do is follow along with the presentation slides & worksheets and play the videos! Everything is provided for you and your child...including a tea sample, the supplies for making a natural home remedy, and a seed kit to start the herb garden!

What's Included?

With our courses, your Little Sprout won't JUST be gaining HERBAL WISDOM... Our courses are designed to be hands-on, encouraging them to immerse all their senses while they learn how herbs can come to their rescue in everyday life by making their own herbal remedies and how to grow their own herb garden!

  • In Their First Kit They Will Receive:

    Their very own Customizable Materia Medica Binder Cover, a 20-Page Herbal Activities Workbook, 12 Downloadable Presentation Lessons, 4 Additional Printable Worksheets, 14 Instructional Videos, Recipes, a Certificate of Completion, a Discount Coupon for our store and more! Similar materials will be provided in each additional kit.

  • PLUS, They Will Be Mailed:

    A Binder to keep everything organized in, a Tea Bag for the Tea-Tasting Exercise, a Seed-Starting Kit to start their own Herb Garden, and the Materials to make their own glycerite extract (the first addition to their natural remedy collection!) Similar materials will be provided in each additional kit. Best of all, it's mailed right to your door!

  • It's Work At Your Own Pace, But You're Not Alone!

    You'll have exclusive access to our Private Little Sprout's Community Chat-Room (where you can ask questions, share ideas and recipes, and connect with other like-minded people). PLUS... Every week there's a live Q&A Zoom Webinar (from right within the platform!) where you can get your questions answered by the course creator. If you can't attend, no worries, all sessions will be Recorded & Posted... Just send your questions in ahead of time! You'll have access to everything as long as you have an active subscription. If you live local, you can even Stop By For Live, In-Person Assistance!

Their very own Customizable Materia Medica Binder Cover, a 20-Page Herbal Activities Workbook, 12 Downloadable Presentation Lessons, 4 Additional Printable Worksheets, 14 Instructional Videos, Recipes, a Certificate of Completion, a Discount Coupon for our store and more!

Receive Everything Shown Here & More! The Materials Kit Alone is a $35 Value!

(You Get 1 Binder & 3 Customizable Covers to Choose From)

All shipped right to your door! (S&H may apply, or you can pick it up at our store if you live local.)
Materials Kit

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your "Little Sprout's Budding Herbalist" Kit!

    • Welcome!

    • Before we begin...

    • How to navigate this platform

    • A message for parents and teachers

    • Join Our Private "Little Sprout's Budding Herbalist™" Chatroom

    • Live Q&A Time

    • Recordings of Live Q&A Sessions

  • 2

    For the Instructor

    • Materials Kit

    • 20 Page Activity Workbook, 5 Hand-Outs, and a Coupon Code

    • Personalize Their Binder

    • Welcome Letter

    • Herbal Activity Workbook

    • Lemon Balm Materia Medica Coloring Page

    • Word Search

    • Crossword Puzzle

    • Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

  • 3

    Introduction of Herbalism

    • What is Herbalism?

    • Safety First!

    • An Attitude of Gratitude

    • Learn the Lingo

    • Plant Parts (Morphology)

    • The 5 Tastes

    • Plant Names (Nomenclature)

    • Materia Medica

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 4

    Meet Your First Herbal Ally: Lemon Balm!

    • Meet Lemon Balm!

    • In the Garden

    • Immerse Your Senses with Lemon Balm

    • Make Your Very Own Lemon Balm Glycerite!

    • Follow Along at Home!

    • Start Your Own Herb Garden!

    • Recipes

    • More Ways to Use This Herbal Ally!

    • Test Your Learning of Lemon Balm

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 5

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Calendula!

    • Calendula Materials Kit

    • Calendula Coupon Code

    • Calendula Materia Medica Coloring Sheet

    • Meet Calendula!

    • Immerse Your Senses with Calendula!

    • Grow Your Own Calendula!

    • Make Your Very Own Calendula Salve!

    • Follow Along at Home! (Part 1)

    • Follow Along at Home! (Part 2)

    • Follow Along at Home! (Part 3)

    • Test Your Learning of Calendula

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 6

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Elder!

    • Elderberry Materials Kit

    • Elder Coupon Code

    • Elder Materia Medica Sheet Coloring Page

    • Meet Elder!

    • Immerse Your Senses with Elder!

    • Grow Your Own Elderberries & Flowers!

    • Make Your Very Own Elderberry Syrup!

    • Follow Along at Home! (Part 1)

    • Follow Along at Home! (Part 2)

    • Test Your Learning of Elder

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 7

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Peppermint!

    • Meet Peppermint!

    • Make Your Very Own Peppermint Lip Balm!

    • Print Your Certificate!

    • Peppermint Coupon Code

  • 8

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Lavender!

    • Meet Lavender!

    • Make Your Very Own Lavender Bath Bombs!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 9

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Yarrow!

    • Meet Yarrow!

    • Make Your Very Own Yarrow Poultice!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 10

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Chamomile!

    • Meet Chamomile!

    • Make Your Very Own Chamomile Bath Salts!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 11

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Plantain!

    • Meet Plantain!

    • Make Your Very Own First Aid Salve with Plantain!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 12

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Catnip!

    • Meet Catnip!

    • Make Your Very Own Catnip Sachet!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 13

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Dandelion!

    • Meet Dandelion!

    • Make Your Very Own Dandelion Vinegar!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 14

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Cinnamon!

    • Make Your Very Own Cinnamon Ornaments!

    • Meet Cinnamon!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 15

    Meet Your Next Herbal Ally: Sarsaparilla!

    • Meet Sarsaparilla!

    • Make Your Very Own Root Beer!

    • Print Your Certificate!

  • 16


    • Before you go...

  • 17

    Continue the Adventure...

    • Continuous Monthly Access to Chatroom & Live Zoom Meets!

    • More Herbal Ally Kits in the Works! Stay Tuned!

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Happy Kids, Happy Customer

Homeschool Director

As a homeschool cooperative, we schedule classes for our children in outdoor settings to get them into nature and connect with the environment around them. We asked Tiffany if she would be willing to teach an herbalism class once a week to our students. She gladly accepted, and her "Little Sprout's Budding Herbalist Homeschool Enrichment Curriculum" has been providing excellent education on medicinal plants such as Lemon Balm and Peppermint. We've made tinctures and balms, and the kids really enjoy the hands-on experience. We are so happy that she is able to share her expertise with the younger generations.

Ordering Additional Material Kits

Will more than one child be completing the activities? This curriculum kit provides the supplies and a single-person license use for one child only. We offer "Add-On Materials Kits," which include ALL the physical materials needed to complete the activities and an additional license use for downloadable materials...Perfect for siblings and small groups such as home-school co-ops, church groups, daycares or even for just getting together with other families and exploring the magic together!

Copy & paste this link into your browser to order additional Materials & License Kits:

Another Happy Customer...

Online Kit


My kids love Miss Tiff! There's always something new going on, and we've learned so much! We've been discovering new plant remedies we can use when we don't feel well, instead of running to the drug store. Our home apothecary has been growing weekly! It's a great feeling to know that my kids growing up attaining this knowledge and that they're going to be more self-sufficient.

About the Instructor

Tiffany Davies, B.Sc., Professional Herbalist

Hi! I'm Tiffany Davies! I've been studying herbal medicine for 27 years. It's been a passion and calling that has followed me since I was 14 years old! Perhaps it's because of my Cherokee ancestors, but I have always been drawn to the magical world of plants and love sharing its amazing gifts and powerful healing abilities with others! I hold degrees in Cellular & Molecular Biology & Health Science. I have also studied with 6 herbal "elder" mentors, many of which are co-founders or affiliates with the American Herbalist's Guild. In addition to the courses I teach to kids, teens and adults, I also operate a clinical herbalism practice and retail apothecary in Reading, PA. If you're passing through the area, stop by sometime-I'd love to take you on an herb garden tour! My dream is to reinstate the at-home apothecary and restore lost herbal wisdom into mainstream society once again. Through my classes, I hope to empower others as to how they can use the healing power of nature and the innate healing ability within themselves to achieve and maintain a healthy, active, prosperous lifestyle. In particular, I think it's essential to foster a connection to nature and an appreciation for all its healing gifts into our young ones as they grow because they are the care-takers we will leave this world to. May all your circles spin in harmony, and "Let the Healing Journey Begin!" Tiffany

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