This Course is for Those Suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease:

  • ● The Relentless Physical Pain

  • ● The Frightening Cognitive Decline

  • ● The Debilitating Anxiety Attacks

  • ● The Stifling Chronic Fatigue

  • ● The Toll it Takes on Your Career, Relationships & Social Life

  • ● The Fear, Anguish, Grief & Embarrassment That Goes Along With It

  • and the list goes on...

If You Are Struggling with These Symptoms... Your Healing Journey Begins Here!

This 90-day course was created from a desire to help you recover, naturally, from Lyme Disease. The protocol within is one whose effectiveness I can personally attest to because I'm also a chronic Lyme Disease survivor. I also had a Bartonella infection, one of the most common Lyme co-infections. I truly understand what it's like to "just want your life back." But, I'm here now, triumphantly recovered and radiantly restored, to tell you that there IS hope. There ARE solutions. And you CAN get your health - AND YOUR LIFE - back!

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You Will Learn About:

  • Tick-Borne Illnesses: What they are, what they do, how they do it, and what's going on in YOUR unique mind, body and soul.

  • The Antibiotic Debate: Why antibiotics don't always work, their limitations, and their long-term side effects you'll want to avoid.

  • Herbal Treatments & Natural Remedies that Combat the Invaders & Heal the Damage They Have Caused: How & why they work, which ones are good for specific Lyme symptoms, and, most importantly, how to choose the ones that are RIGHT FOR YOU!

  • Saving Money: There's no need to spend hundred or thousands of dollars buying pre-made remedies. Learn how to make your remedies yourself (if you choose). Some you can even grow or find in your own yard! We'll also discuss the importance of selecting EFFECTIVE, high-quality plants and products.

  • Preparing for the Future: How to choose herbs and natural therapies as your needs change as you continue your journey, even after this class is over.

  • Preventing Another Infection: The tips & tricks to deterring ticks and how to increase your body's resistance to pathogens if you do get bit again.

  • We'll discuss all this and MORE...

We'll Dive Deep into the Details of Recovery

Each Lesson Explores How Lyme Affects the Different Body Systems, the Coinciding Symptoms AND the Herbs & Natural Remedies You Can Implement into Your Custom Protocol to help Address the Underlying Causes of Your Symptoms, Restore Balance and Heal the Damage.

  • ֍ Get Rid of the Infection

  • ֍ Hyperthermia Therapy

  • ֍ Boost Your Immune System

  • ֍ Reverse Hair Loss

  • ֍ Calm the Storm: Anti-Inflammatories & Immune Modulators

  • ֍ Detox & Mediate Herxheimer Reactions

  • ֍ Support Digestion & Heal GI Damage

  • ֍ Restore A Healthy Gut Biome

  • ֍ Relieve Pain in the Musculoskeletal System

  • ֍ Protect the Brain, Central Nervous System & Your Vision

  • ֍ Improve Cognition & Motor Skills and Ease Anxiety

  • ֍ Support Yin, Qi & Jing

  • ֍ Achieve Better Sleep & More Energy

  • ֍ Manage Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

  • ֍ Improve Thyroid Health

  • ֍ Improve Heart Health & Enhance Circulation

  • ֍ Respiratory Remedies

  • ֍ Heal Emotional Barriers that Impede Recovery

  • ֍ Getting the Support You Need

  • ֍ Getting Tested for Lyme & Co-Infections

We'll Also Discuss How to Use Those Herbs Safely and Effectively

  • Learn How to Identify Your Constitution & Select Energetically Appropriate Herbs based on Their Physiological Actions

  • Each Herbs Contraindications: Learn when you should NOT take a certain herb due to other conditions or medications you are taking

  • The Correct Dosage: Learn how to calculate the right therapeutic dose of each herb for you, to increase effectiveness & mediate side-effects

  • Trust Your Intuition: Learn how to read the signs your body is telling you of when it's time to make changes to your protocol

But That's Not All!

This course provides more than just information. You'll also receive:

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions

    You'll receive access to our weekly Zoom meets throughout the duration of the program, where individual questions and comments will be addressed.

  • Private Group Chat Rooms

    Enjoy our private virtual meeting room where participants can gather to share stories, ask questions and lend support to one another. We may each be on our own journey, but knowing you're not alone is pivotal to recovery.

  • Access to My Private Facebook Lyme Group

    Which provides a private way to immediately send me your questions and comments as you proceed through the course. I also use this group as a way to deliver continuing education, like new relevant discoveries and research, to all participants that have enrolled in this course.


Keeping All This Information Straight Could Be Tricky and Overwhelming BUT It Won't Be for You...

  • Keep Track of Important Lesson Notes

    Keep all your notes in one place! As you proceed through the course, you'll certainly to want to jot down lots of memos on the NOTES, Q&A, and ASSIGNMENT SHEETS. Conveniently keep track of the tips you want to try without having to sort back through all the presentations and videos. These pages are the perfect place to make notations, including the herbs and natural remedies you want to use...and possibly any herbs you should avoid (because of personal contraindications). RECIPE PAGES are even provided, to make sure you don't forget how to make the meal ideas we covered in that delicious looking medicinal soup we talked about!

  • Use Our Pre-Designed Worksheets

    You'll receive handy FOOD JOURNAL & MENU PLANNING PAGES, encouraging you improve your eating habits and reminding you of which indicated foods you wanted to incorporate into your diet based on the different symptoms you're experiencing or body systems you want to support. We even give you SHOPPING LISTS to jot down the items that you need to order or pick up. You can use the SYMPTOM and GOAL TRACKER PAGES to monitor the results of all your hard work & successes and keep yourself motivated! And, the DAILY PROTOCOL CHECKLIST helps to ensure you're remembering to stay faithful to your daily the right times and with the right dosages. (I can't tell you how many times I went to take a tincture and was like, "Wait, did I already take that today, or was it the other one?!" This handy sheet was a life-saver for me!)

  • Keep Track of Your Progress

    Record your observations on the PROGRESS REPORT PAGES, easily reference your PERSONAL ASSESSMENTS and review the results of past PROTOCOLS & DOSAGES if you need to revert back to them, and so that you can identify patterns of what's working (or what's not) and make adjustments accordingly. PLUS, we've included DIARY & DREAM JOURNAL PAGES for self-reflection and additional thoughts. Lastly, in the back of the workbook, you'll find RESOURCE, RECOMMENDED READING LIST, CONTACT & MISCELLANEOUS PAGES to utilize in whichever ways you'd like.

Take a Sneak-Peak Look Inside!

The BRIGHT, COLORFUL & CLEAN workbook lay-out is sprinkled with beautiful images and motivational quotes & tips to help you stay organized and excited about implementing your healing protocol everyday! I based it on what my needs were when I was going through my own recovery, and it was a game-changer... I hope it holds the same value for you!

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Are You Ready For YOUR Healing Journey to Begin?

It's amazing how something as tiny as those little, invisible, stealth pathogens can wreck so much havoc and be so hard to defeat, right?! But, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Once you understand HOW they inflict damage and AVOID DETECTION by your immune system AND how herbs can circumvent their defense mechanisms, then YOU hold the POWER to defeating them! If you're ready to win the battle that's ragging on in your body right now, allow me to walk you through the step-by-step process of getting rid of the infection, rebuilding the tissues that have been attacked, and restoring balance to your mind, body and soul. Please join us for our next herbal intensive on overcoming Lyme Disease, where you too can learn the keys to unlocking the innate healing potential your body holds. You don't have to fight this battle alone!

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This course is currently in session so registration has ended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use these natural protocols with current antibiotic treatment?

    Yes! You can! The herbs and other holistic healing modalities taught in this course can be used alone or with antibiotic treatment. In fact, we will even discuss how to protect yourself from the side-effects antibiotics can cause.

  • Will I be healed by the end of this 90-day course?

    Everyone's journey through Lyme Disease is different, and depending on how long you've had it, how much damage has been done, if any other conditions are present, how quickly you implement all indicated therapies (and how strictly you adhere to them), recovery times can vary. REMEMBER, you will be learning how to ascertain for yourself when you are ready to stop a certain herb, start new ones, or change dosages, even after the class is over. The knowledge and wisdom you gain in this course will empower YOU to be able navigate the road ahead.

  • If I can't make a live session, will there be a recording?

    Yes, all sessions will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience shortly afterwards.

  • Is there anything that will be required of me, and how will you know my personal symptoms and health history to answer my unique questions?

    Participants will be required to fill out, sign, and submit an initial intake & assessment form. This will allow us to better understand your unique situation to more adequately answer your personal questions. These will be automatically emailed to you at the time of registration and need to be returned before your participation in the course begins.

  • Are you a medical doctor?

    No, I am not. I have degrees in cellular & molecular biology and health science, additional pre-med classes, and 27 years of experience studying botanical medicine, including herbal training under renowned herbal mentors, continuing education and self-study. I founded my own herbal consultation clinic and apothecary, and, I AM A CHRONIC LYME DISEASE SURVIVAL! I know first hand what the experience is like and what the healing power of herbal medicine is capable of! I also know the road to recovery isn't always easy and it's wrought with questions each step of the way about exactly how to take all these herbs and work all these suggestions into your daily routine. That's why I designed this course in a way that can lend support, help keep you motivated, and answer questions as they arise. My goal is to help each and every person that enrolls to end the suffering that Lyme has caused them and gain their livelihood back. Furthermore, it is my belief that doctors don't "heal" us, herbalists don't "heal" us...I believe the body holds the innate ability to HEAL ITSELF when given the tools it needs to do so.

“I believe the dissemination of knowledge balanced by wisdom and a reverence for nature that utilizes and maintains its natural cycles are the keys to an evolved society. The ultimate force that drives me is love and my compassionate desire to relieve suffering and elevate the human spirit” -Tiffany Davies, Ikigai

The above statements and products are for informational purposes only. They are not FDA approved, nor do they constitute medical advice, mean to replace it, or claim to treat, diagnose or cure disease. You should always consult your medical professional before beginning to take, or continuing to take, any product, or before implementing any therapy. Copyright © 2020 by Embark Herbals LLC.