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Whether you just want to learn which herbs are right for you & your family or if you're interested in becoming a professional herbalist, we offer herbal courses for all budgets, all levels of expertise, and all age groups. Pick your courses a-la-carte or bundle them and save!

From Teens and Adults...

to Kids and Adolescents...We offer classes sure to peak everyone's interest!

Why Take An Herbalism Class?

Why enroll in our courses when you can find information everywhere on the internet these days? Well, have you ever read those articles and found yourself still wondering, "Okay, but WHICH of those herbs are right for me? And, how EXACTLY do I take them?" or..."Yeah, but are they SAFE to take with my other conditions or medications?" or..."I'd love to take something more natural, but they're too expensive to take long term. Isn't there anyway to make them MORE AFFORDABLE?" Look no further, because in our courses, you will learn just that!

Not to Mention...

Most of our classes are designed to be hands-on and INCLUDE A MATERIALS KIT (which is even mailed right to your door if you opt for the online version) and a CUSTOMIZABLE WORKBOOK! So you won't just be gaining herbal wisdom, you'll also be APPLYING WHAT YOU LEARN FIRST-HAND while building your at-home apothecary and herb garden as you progress on your journey! They amount to invaluable resources you won't acquire from a books, blogs, or other herbal classes.

What Will You Learn?

  • Herbal energetics, actions and tastes, "Oh My!" Learn which ones are right for you and your constitution: Many herbs can help the same ailment, but they might not all be right for you. Discover how to know which herbs are indicated based on your symptoms and what you're trying to accomplish. (And just what IS your "constitution" anyhow? We'll teach you that too!)

  • Learn how to determine the therapeutic dose that is right for you...to increase efficacy and mediate side-effects AND discover when an herb is contraindicated (not right for you) based on other conditions or medications you may take.

  • How to save money! With a few basic principals, you can make these herbal remedies yourself...often they're only a few dollars for a month's supply! It's not as hard, or as time consuming, as you might think...The prep time is less than a trip to the store to buy them!

  • Explore EXACTLY how to make teas, tinctures, glycerites, capsules, infused oils & vinegars, salves, poultices and more at home, using step-by-step, follow-along videos and our handy calculation worksheets! The materials you need are included with many of our classes...and they're shipped right to your door!

  • Learn how to confidently blend formulas when you want to take more than one herb AND the synergistic effects of doing so. (Plus learn which herbs you never want to combine!)

  • Understand the basic terms that you often come across when reading about herbal remedies: adaptogens, astringents, tonics, alteratives, cholagogues, demulcents, diaphoretics...what do they all mean?! We'll tell you!

  • How to decipher between quality information and misinformation in articles and peer-review studies...because new information is popping up everywhere all the time about herbal remedies. It's a learning process that never stops!

  • Oh, and did we mention...herbalism is FUN! So, if you're looking for something unique and exciting to do, you just found it! You can even get the whole family involved! We offer classes and kits for teens and kids too, so they can learn about kid-friendly herbs right along side you...tailored to meet the needs of their age group!

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Interested in our In-Person "Little Sprout's Budding Herbalists" Classes? (Or adult or teen classes?)

Email [email protected] and request to be added to our waiting list. Please be sure to indicate which class(es) you're interested in!

Once we have a class of at least 8 enrollees, we will hold a new series. Mondays or weekends are the best days to hold class. There is some flexibility in scheduling to meet the needs of the group. Sessions are approximately 2 hours each. For the children's classes: The first 2-part class is $70 per child and is 2 sessions, but can (preferably) be held back-to-back. It incudes the herbal introduction class, start-up materials, and the first installment of our children's "Getting to Know Herbal Ally" series, featuring Lemon Balm! Additional classes are $40 per child, or $35 per child if the group signs up for the remainder of the series at once. For an additional charge, classes can be held at your location. Groups with less than 8 children may also be held at an additional cost per child. Advanced notice is needed for planning purposes and to allow time to order the appropriate materials based on the class size and topic chosen. To see a list of class topics, please click the tab "View Online Classes" in the header.